The knives of Nipponblades are made of VG-10 steel. The advantage of this steel is that the hardness is very high. The result of this hardness is a very sharp knife that will stay sharp for a long time. To enjoy your knife for a lifetime it is important to maintain it the right way.

The cutting quality of a Nipponblades knife is gradually lost as it is used. To maintain the sharpness of the knife, it must be cared for properly. On this page you can read different tips how you can keep your Nipponbades Knives in best condition.


Tip 1:

After use, clean the knife with an non chemical dishwashing detergent. By directly drying it with a soft dish towel the knife will stay as new.

Tip 2:

Chemical substances and acids like lemon juice must be removed directly after use because they can damage the steel.


Tip 3:

You can not use a dishwasher to clean the knife. This can damage the material and also the sharpness of the knife. Instead rinse it of with warm water and gentle clean it with a sponge.

Tip 4:

If you are not using your knife for a longer period you can wrap it in a newspaper. The oils in the inkt of the newspaper will protect the knife.


Sharpening your knife

With a sharp knife you can cut foods with the least effort, you avoid crushing fibers and muscle meat and losing juices. Using a whetstone to sharpen knives will restore them to their original cutting quality. The following video explains how to sharpen your knife with a whetstone.


Watch video


Tip 5:

Use a wooden cutting board. Glass or stone cutting boards are much easier to clean but will ruin your knife.

Tip 6:

When you are using a knife with a wooden handle watch out that it does not stay too long in the water. It is recommended to greace the handle every once in a while with vegetable oil. So the handle will stay water resistant.


Tip 7:

When you store your knife do prevent contact with other metal items, so you do not damage the blade. You can use our Japanese Saya to make sure your knife is well protected.

Tip 8:

Keep into account that Nipponblades knives are made to cut soft ingredients. The steel is very hard which garantees the sharpness of the knife. Because the steel is so hard it is more sensitive for damage when you cut very hard or frozen ingredients.